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Xpress Tank


Usually express means fast in my mind, but it also means to show or reveal. The Xpress Tank from Greenstyle Creations just happens to be both. First, it’s quick to make with only one pattern piece and less than a yard of fabric! At least it’s quick if you don’t run into serger or coverstitch problems! Second, just look at the revealing back…it’s cool and well, cool; and there are three options to choose from!


I’m wearing it here with an Endurance Bra, also from Greenstyle. Check it out too, it’s very supporting and I love the zip front closure! I really like the rounded back of the grey tank. Sorry I’ve got it bunched so you can’t see it well.

This one is the pointed back option, made from an athletic mesh from my stash. I plan to put some heat transfer vinyl on it and wear it to my son’s track meets. It looks great with a tank or cami underneath for a little more coverage too. I’m wearing this tank with the Boardshorts from 5outof4.  My Xpress tanks will be nice and breezy to wear during our hot summers for exercising and for everyday wear!

The Xpress Tank comes in sizes 3XS – 3XL and is on sale until Sunday, January 28 (no code needed)!




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