Sewing for my guys

Cicero is an Italian Racing Jacket for the Red, White, and Pink tour


My son had this old red and white nylon jacket that he loved (and I hated). I don’t know why, except maybe it had to do with how often he wore it and all the stains it acquired that I couldn’t get out in the wash! When I told him it was time to toss it, he asked if I would make him another. He told me it made him feel like an Italian race car driver, so it had to be the same red and white! Teen boys!😅


My plan was to use the sleeves of Rebel Raglan from Wardrobe by Me since Clay’s old jacket has Raglan style sleeves. The Cicero Jacket from Sofilantjes fits him so well, that I knew that was the choice for the rest of the jacket. After thinking about it for quite a while, I decided that it would be too much work to make a completely different style of sleeve fit into the Cicero. So the sleeves are different on the new jacket since I used just Cicero, but Clay didn’t mind. He saw an embroidered shirt with an Asian design that he loved when out with a friend that he told me about. We decided I would embroider one for him so he helped shop for the design. It is this Koi design from Urban Threads. He loves it on the jacket.


When I got ready to put in the zipper, I realized the one I bought was too short. It was late, the store was closed, what to do?? 🤔 Just then an idea came to me!💡Salvage the zipper from the old jacket which was the perfect length. Clay loves his new Italian race car driver jacket and wears it all the time. He just doesn’t like to model for me, especially out in public! Here is the original jacket minus a zipper.


My girlfriend loved the embroidery design when she saw Clay’s jacket, so I embroidered one for her on a denim jacket. It’s a closer view of the design too. Enjoy the rest of the Red, White, and Pink tour this month. Links are below.

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