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Rosanna, Rosanna

Oh wow, there are so many options on Rosanna that it took some contemplating before I could decide which to apply to test! I’m glad I chose the top because I’m loving mine, but there are others I want to try! Have you seen the other tester photos? Rosanna is a beautiful sundress with the circle skirt and the perfect swim top too. I chose the half circle for my tops, the low scoop, and did some optional straps on my first one.


This blue and black top is my toile and some small changes were made to the pattern after this. It’s paired with the Shenanigans Skort.


And this is the Adventure Skort, also from 5 Out of 4 Patterns. All fabrics for my Rosanna tops are from SAS fabric warehouse in Phoenix.


Here’s an excerpt from the pattern listing: Rosanna is a peplum tank, tankini, dress and swim dress. It features unique side princess seaming, a low ballerina back (with optional back straps), FBA bodice and an optional built-in bra with 6 sewing cup sizes. Choose either a full or half circle skirt with a peplum (tankini), swim dress, short dress or long dress lengths.

Options Include:

  • Regular Bodice and 1″ FBA Bodice pieces.
  • Peplum, Swim Dress, Short or Long Full Circle Skirt Lengths.
  • Peplum, Swim Dress, Short or Long Half Circle Skirt Lengths.
  • Finish arms and neckline with binding, bands or elastic.
  • Thin or thick back strap and basic instructions that you can use for infinite creative backs.
  • 2 Neckline Options: High or Low Scoop

Get your copy now while it’s on sale for $7.95! Sunday, June 17 is the last day. Bonus, all the swim bottoms are also on sale too! (Ultimate Bikinis, Tidal Waves, and Riptides)


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Crystal Cove is a Cami

Doesn’t Crystal Cove sound like a beautiful place? Warm breezes, water sparkling in the sun, sand between your toes, and wearing the perfect Crystal Cove Cami!

There’s only dry hot desert around here, but I have three Crystal Cove Camis to wear and dream! Camis are not usually something I wear on their own. Usually they are made of knit, with a tighter fit. This cami is made of woven fabric and has a beautiful loose fit, but not so loose that I don’t have a shape. It’s just right! I ended up making three in testing! I kept seeing other tester versions and wanting one similar, haha!

#1 is made from a remnant from the 80s when mauve was a popular color. It turned out like pretty lingerie, or fancy enough to wear with a skirt on date night. This pair of Capris are not the best to pair it with, but my photographer son was impatient.

#2 is a poly/cotton, very lightweight and floaty also from the 80s. It was hard to cut into yardage when this pattern fits on 7/8 yd so I did lots of digging to find some pieces to use! I’ve been wanting more tops to match my pink Sequoia shorts that I wrote about here – Sequoia Cargo Shorts.  I love my new cami with them! It’s a cool outfit for summer.

#3 was a men’s shirt that apparently I told my son I could alter to fit him. It was in with the fabric and I forgot! Oops! There wasn’t enough on the buttonholes side, so I did the color block thing (after seeing another tester do it). I really like it too, although I think it will look better with a different color pants.

Crystal Cove Cami comes with different cup sizes to get the perfect fit. What?! Isn’t this awesome?! I picked my size (shortened the bodice like I usually do) and it was the perfect fit! Sizes go from 00-20 and the instructions are as thorough as usual, making it easy enough for beginners. Here are some features:

  • Options for A, B, C, D and DD cups
  • Relaxed fit bodice
  • Spaghetti straps
  • Overlapping back with curved hem for a unique look

It’s on sale for $8 for the next week, so hurry and get your copy! Volume discounts still apply. I can’t wait to see all the camis out there!

Sewing for my guys

A Cessim Shirt for Clay

Have you heard of Sofilantjes Patterns?  I really like the sleek style and unique designs! Since I have only our youngest (who is 17) at home, I don’t often get to test. When Anne posted the testing call for Cessim Shirt I was so excited, I applied without asking Clay. What?! He usually approves any testing I do for him; so this was a change from the norm. His measurements are just outside of the chart, so I wasn’t sure I would get chosen. Luckily, there is enough ease that the Cessim Shirt fit Clay perfectly without any changes except for adding about 3/4″ in length. Of course he got to choose the fabrics! I want to make sure he will wear it!


There are many options to choose from with this pattern, but I know my son’s style so chose option B which is color-blocked on one side. He loves the high neck and even got used to the color-clocked v neck and thinks it’s kind of cool. I top-stitched the seams where the two colors of fabric meet so the extra seams won’t rub on the inside.


I love how Clay’s shirt turned out and can’t wait to have time to make another! The next one will have a round neck to be a little different.


Get your copy of Cessim Shirt while it’s on sale for 6.05 Euros (inc eu tax) until Saturday at 23:55 CET.

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Romp On the Riviera

Susanne of Winter Wear Designs had three patterns in a poll. When the bloggers voted and rompers won, I didn’t think I would be on this blog tour. They are cute, but I just don’t like the inconvenience of getting them on and off for bathroom breaks. Weeellll, Susanne very generously told us we could hack the pattern. Yay! I love a cool summer dress! Off to print! Of the two rompers, I chose the Riviera for the loose fit and tank style over the Boho Breeze which is an off the shoulder style. The patterns go from XXS to XXXL, with a matching girl’s version of at least one of them. You’ll see some of these others on the blog tour.
I couldn’t quite decide what to choose when it came to my fabric, but I just came across it one night as I was picking fabric for something else. It was this border print in Rayon that I really love. So even though the top of the pattern at least was supposed to be knit, I decided mine was going to be all woven. Why take the easy way when I can make it all so much more difficult? haha The fitting ended up being a breeze. I had added extra in the side seam allowances to account for no stretch. After trying it on a couple of times, I shortened the shoulders 1/2″ and took in the side seams until it was comfortable but I could still get it on and off. And I was loving it already at that point! Since I wasn’t going to hem the border print, I had to determine length from the bottom up. It was a bit more difficult than I thought, but I think it worked out ok. Of course being woven, the bindings had to be cut on the bias. With the tiny bit of scraps I had left, there was lots of piecing to get the amount I needed. In the end, I had way more than enough so my ties in back are super long. I haven’t quite decided where I want them trimmed.
What are you going to sew – a romper or a hack? Get your pattern during the blog tour while they are on sale! Use code ROMPON to get 20% off!
Don’t miss any of the spectacular rompers
 on the Romp On Tour!!!


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Summerskirt and Classic Tee

It’s finally feeling like summertime around here! Our son is out of school for the summer and Christina of Wardrobe by Me had a tester call for the Summerskirt! Then she added the Classic Tee to go with it. Perfect! I love testing an outfit together as it doesn’t leave orphans in my closet! I always know that I will have at least one top to wear with my skirt!


The fabric for the tee and the skirt are from my stash. In fact, you may recognize the skirt fabric. I used it for a A Blouse Called Leschi. My best guess is that it’s probably a polyester Crepe de Chine. Very lightweight and floaty. Even when the wind was whipping my skirt around, everything was covered! For the tee, I used a basic jersey that I bought to make underwear for my dear husband who loves undies made by me. Shhh, don’t tell him I used some of his fabric!

Summerskirt passed the wind test!

Both the skirt and the tee comes in sizes 0-24. Here is a description of Summerskirt.

“The Summer skirt is a simple wrap skirt PDF sewing pattern with ruffle edges. The front waistband is contoured and the back elasticized. The fit and look of the skirt is flirtatious,bohemian and romantic.
The skirt is designed with three length options. Above knee, at the knee and midi.”

I made the above knee length, figuring it would be just about right since I usually have to shorten everything for my height. I cheated on the ruffle, 😁 cutting it on the salvage edge so I wouldn’t have to hem it! I was very comfortable in my new Wardrobe by Me outfit and ready to go out to dinner when my husband decided to take me on a date. I didn’t even have to change clothes!

Get your copies of Summerskirt and Classic Tee while they are on sale at Wardrobe by Me!

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A Nottingham Knot Top

It took me a while to get the joke. What an I say? I’ve always been slow to catch the punch line! 😜

The new easy as a t-shirt Nottingham Top from Itch-it-Stitch is quick to sew, classy, and has three sleeve options! It was a welcome project after sewing jean shorts, jean skirt, and other complicated sewing. Although I love more in depth patterns and designs, I love fast and easy ones too!


The Butterfly sleeve was my first choice and after searching my stash, went straight to the “good” fabric. It worked out when the fit ended up perfect. (I did my usual shorten the bodice). Bonus that it’s in my favorite colors and matches Belize Shorts, another pattern with lots of options!

It fit so well and was so quick to sew, that another one was in order right away. This time I chose the elbow sleeves (shortened a bit) so they wouldn’t end up in the crook of my elbow. I used the first of this beautiful glitter French Terry from Simply by Ti Fabrics. Be sure to check out all the other gorgeous colors. I promise you will want them all!


Look at how good it looks with my Liana Jeans! The long sleeved version is the one I didn’t make as we are headed into summer at a fast pace. It will be on my list come fall though! Be sure to check out the other tester versions to see the long sleeves.


Nottingham Top is on sale now for $8.00 and volume discounts still apply! You will love every Itch-to-Stitch pattern you choose!!

Until next time…ta!


Sewing for my guys

Boys in Summer Blog Tour

Thank you to Made for Little Gents for hosting the Boys in Summer blog tour! I love having an excuse to sew for my boy!

We don’t have a beach close by (darn) but we have lots of summer here in Phoenix Arizona, so this blog tour is the perfect theme. I had a plan immediately…and then it all fell apart in so many ways! So here I am sewing something different at the twelfth hour. My son has an affinity for plain black and white t-shirts. Easy to match, I guess. He wore uniforms through 8th grade so when he got into high school, he would call me in to help him match his clothes before bed every night. We did that for a couple of years with me giving tips on what goes together, etc and this year, he is choosing for himself. 😄And there are always black and white tees in the dirty laundry. 😆Soooo, I decided on a basic white tee since it will get a lot of wear.


Off to choose the pattern. I have tested many t-shirts, with some fitting better than others, some loose and casual and some more fitted. So which is the one? I went through them again and again, pulling some out; but just couldn’t find what I needed. OK, I figured I’d have to print a new one, but where oh where are all the t-shirt patterns? I need a secretary to keep me and my computer organized! At least the fabric was ready! Eventually, back to my binder, I settled on the Huntsman Shirt from Stitch Upon a Time. I couldn’t remember how it fit and had two different versions saved in the page protector. After holding the pattern piece up to a shirt my son likes the fit of, I chose one to cut. Well, I have to say it turned out so good that I worry that no one will believe it’s a mama made shirt!


Initally, Clay didn’t like the fabric, saying it was too thin. It’s a super soft cotton jersey that I bought locally for $2.99 yard. Once the shirt was done and he put it on, he decided he likes it and left it on for the rest of the day. Hurray! He likes a slim fit and I love how it looks on him. It will be perfect for our hot summer days!


Check out all the other bloggers with the links below. There is inspiration there for boys of all ages!

Boys in Summer Blog Tour: Part of the Sewing Blue Blog Tour series hosted by Made for Little Gents

Looking for more summer boy inspiration? Follow along on the Boys in Summer Blog Tour hosted by Made by Little Gents by clicking through the links below.

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Danube Jean Skirt

I love jean skirts and have had many over the years. They are easy to wear, match everything (if denim), and comfortable. But if we were out shopping, you would have had to twist my arm to try on this style of skirt. A-line is usually the style I go for these days. I applied to test because I can’t resist a testing call from Kennis and it had been a while since my last one. But wow, the Danube Skirt really surprised me. I wore it to church last Sunday and it was so comfortable that I wore it all day! And it really does look great on every body. Check out the tester photos to see all the lovely skirts.

It’s always fun to do pocket designs and to see what everyone else sews on theirs. I love how mine turned out!

There is plenty of topstitching just like on jeans, and rivets too, making the Danube Skirt look very professional. There is something very satisfying about topstitching a garment. Try it and you’ll see what I mean.

Danube Skirt comes in sizes 00-20

Danube Jean Skirt Features:

Slim fit straight skirt
Side slits for walking ease and style
Straight waistband that sits at natural waist
Classic five pockets and fly-front zipper
Back yokes for back shaping
Optional rivets for reinforcement and as decoration
Optional belt loops

On sale now for $8.00, and the volume discounts still apply so check out the other wonderful patterns while you are there!

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The Real Deal – Just Jeans Tour


Have you put off sewing jeans? I sure did for a long long time. Not any more though! In the last few years, I’ve gotten better with fitting, pants included. I originally won a pattern from Winter Wear Designs a few years ago before ever trying one. I chose the Real Deal Jeans because I didn’t have a jeans pattern and had never sewn them before. It was quite a while before I got my courage up to try them. I made denim shorts for my trial pair with bright pink topstitching. You can see them in this blog post. And guess what! They weren’t that hard to fit and I wear them All The Time! It’s been time for a new pair for many months, so I jumped at the chance for a blog tour and a deadline to get them sewn! Living in Phoenix, I wear more shorts and Capris than I do jeans since we have so many months of hot weather. I thought I would make the Capri length this time but hen I remembered this piece of stretch twill that I found at a thrift store. I’ve been wanting to use it since last summer so this is what I chose. I needed to make bottoms to match this rtw tank that has been in my closet not getting enough wear.


I used two spools of regular thread rather than topstitching thread for the first time. It worked out wonderfully. I didn’t have any of the usual problems I have with topstitching! I think it turned out pretty with the matching thread.

Just for reference, I cut my shorts longer than the 5″ cut line that is on the pattern. I think I cut about 9″, but then shortened to be about 7 1/2″ inseam.

I had a bit more trouble with the fitting this time. I should know that I need to add the waistband to check fit by now and I didn’t do that. I ended up picking out seams, even topstitching to adjust the bubbles I was getting at the top of the back rise! This is not my favorite way to install a zipper, but it does look good in the end. I am very happy with my new shorts and look forward to wearing them (and that neglected tank)!

Be sure to get the updated Real Deal Jeans pattern while it’s on sale! Visit the other bloggers by clicking on the links below!

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Lisa Dawson for Winter Wear Design

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Gifts to Sew Blog Tour


Happy Birthday Ti! 🎂 I hope you are enjoying your birthday week!

I love to sew and I love to sew things to gift to others! Usually it’s for family, but sometimes it’s for friends or charity. When Ti of Simply by Ti chose this theme for the blog tour this month, I was excited! It’s an easy one to do! I started this quilt in February when an event showed up in my Facebook feed from the 52 Week Sewing Challenge. The idea to finish it for Ti’s Gifts to Sew Birthday blog tour popped into my head right away! The original event went on for a month or so, but we had visiting family in town. I didn’t sew for most of March and didn’t get my quilt done. I’d seen this World map pattern several years ago and thought my son would love it if I made him one some day. So when the event popped up, I was excited to get started with others sewing along. I decided to make a United States quilt instead, using the pattern from Flamingo Toes. My parents will be having their 55th Anniversary this summer and I thought it would be a nice gift. Sometimes they drive from Michigan to Arizona; so how about a car lap quilt for that long long trip!


Stitching the states

The states printed out bold but with lots of thinner squiggly lines in some areas, most being on the east coast. I ended up Googling line drawings of the individual states to try to figure out where to trace and cut. I didn’t follow the directions from Flamingo Toes blog but did it my own way. After my United States were taped together, I traced them onto Heat n Bond lite, leaving a small space between each state. I cut the Heat n Bond apart, leaving my paper pattern of the whole US intact. After choosing fabric for each state, I ironed on the Heat n Bond and cut them on the traced state lines. Then it was just laying them all out in the correct order and pressing them on. My iron and I had to do this big job on our tile floor!


Next was zigzagging the states together which I did with variegated thread. Batting and backing were put on with basting spray. That stuff works sooo good! This is the brand I have.


The fabrics are from my stash, collected over several years. Some are fat quarters similar to this from Joann’s.  The background is a new piece because I didn’t have the right size at home. The back is pieced so I could use stash.


I used blue thread to match the background to sew around each state, quilting it to the backing. Here are a couple of close ups…


The blue background represents water in this quilt. I took the liberty of putting “water” around the whole US, leaving off Canada and Mexico 😬 to make my quilt easier. Nothing against either country, I promise! I just wanted an excuse to use my wave scallop stitch! I like the look of the waves though! What do you think?


P.S. Remember, it’s a secret! Don’t tell my parents!

Here is the tour schedule where you just might find the perfect gift idea for your family and friends…

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