Upland Trousers

The blog has been on the back burner lately as I haven’t felt like writing. These trousers by Itch-to-Stitch are so amazing though, that I had to show them off. Aren’t you ready to get back into some real pants? They come in sizes 00-40!

Here’s a summary of the Upland Trouser features:

  • High rise with waist facing (no waistband)
  • Fit through waist and hip and relaxed at thighs and below
  • Full length trouser legs with the hem hitting slightly above the ground
  • Front slanted pockets
  • Back double-welt pockets with loop and button closures
  • Designed for non-stretch woven fabric

I sewed a muslin and discovered the waist was a bit big and quite a bit of pooling fabric underneath my bum. One of the other testers had done a flat seat adjustment, and I decided to try the same. This is the tutorial I used. I picked some chambray from stash to try it out. Oh my, what a difference! All of a sudden, I had perfectly fitting trousers without any other adjustments! This is Melrose Top with the blue pair.

With such a great outcome, I had to sew another pair in linen. Unfortunately, I wasn’t paying attention and the waist “grew”, ending up way too big at my waist. I’ve figured out a fix though, and these two pair of Upland Trousers will be some of my favorite pants! The pinkish coral pair are paired with Chirripo Top.

Get your copy of Upland Trousers while they are on sale!

Thanks for stopping by! This posts contains affiliate links. If you choose to use them, there is no extra charge to you, but I receive a small compensation to help with my sewing costs. All opinions are my own. See you next time.


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