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Under the Sea in a Tote


Just look at this picture.A10B9CAB-CFD9-46F2-8576-B4084DD85225 Isn’t it so adorable? I’m always drawn to cute fish and sea creatures in cartoon form, so when I saw this pattern, I had to have it! My goal was to make it as a gift for one of my nieces but I’ve had the pattern so long, that I don’t remember which one. They are mostly teenagers now! But… we have a grandson who will soon be turning one year old. And Ti wants us to try something new. Perfect! I haven’t made felt stuffed toys before, so now is my chance.

Well, that was my original plan…until I started looking up info on poly pellets and other weighted fillers. Ugh! Who knew there were so many controversial things about using these for toys! Also, making these cute little creatures is way more time consuming than I ever thought they would be. Sooooo, baby Abel did not get this toy but I will complete them to stay at our home to play with when we have little guests.

The other thing that messed with my (not so well laid out) plan, is that I got really sick and was out of commission for a week! Whew, glad that’s over! Anyway, I sewed only a fraction of the sea animals and the tote to store them in.

The construction of the tote is a bit lacking in my opinion, but in my hurry, didn’t want to take the time to re-think a better way to sew it. I’m disappointed in how it turned out as it’s not very sturdy and wants to collapse in on itself. The batting the pattern calls for should have been a bag making foam instead. I used KAM snaps for the eyes instead of buttons. It was fun to choose the colors and they are so easy to apply. I even dreamed about KAM snaps one night after working on this project.😜🤣 I used Plastic pellets from Joann’s for weight inside each felt animal. They are a challenge to work with for sure!

Anyway, I won’t be taking up stuffed toy making any time soon! I may finish the rest of the fish and creatures someday so I’ll have a complete set though. Be sure to visit the other stops on the tour this month. All of the links are listed below!

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20 thoughts on “Under the Sea in a Tote

      1. I’ve the same: sometimes your making something and while making you’ve to think of someone. I indeed enjoy making stuffed toys. Some of my makes are friends and family but most of my makes are for charity. They always find a good home.

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  1. hahaha your post was entertaining and informative. I have thought about making stuffed toys but it seems like a lot of work as you noted. The animals look great though and I’m sure your nephew will enjoy playing with them (at your home).

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