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SEW BEAUTIFUL Carlsbad Cardigan

SEW BEAUTIFUL is the title of Kennis Wong’s book of sewing patterns! What?! Yes, her first book filled with 8 beautiful patterns with 18 variations to complete a whole wardrobe! This is sooooo exciting! Each design has been carefully designed without zippers or buttons, making it a great starting point for a new seamstress. Of course, an experienced seamstress like me loves to sew up quick and stylish garments too! And what a value, 8 patterns, 18 variations for only $24.99! The book is on pre-sale now, coming out on December 8, 2020. It will also be available on Kindle for $11.99. Sizes included are 00-20 (the book was written before the expanded size range).

Today is day 4 of 8 of showcasing the patterns in the book, featuring Carlsbad Cardigan. Who doesn’t love a cozy cardigan? I used a sparkly sweater knit (leaving the fringe on the edge) and love how pretty it turned out. This one looks so holiday festive that I hesitate to wear it at other times of the year. You know what that means; I need to sew another asap! All of the detailed instructions and quality you have come to love in Itch-to-Stitch designs are included in Kennis’ book. There are illustrations to show how to grade sizes, lengthen and shorten, and more. You can see the my Mornington Top from day 1 here.

Carlsbad Cardigan is paired with Newport Top and Northpoint Trousers, both of which are favorite Itch-to-Stitch patterns.

It’s easy to sew a coordinating wardrobe taking you from home to work to date night and weekends with the patterns included in SEW BEAUTIFUL!

Remember to pre-order your copy of SEW BEAUTIFUL so you don’t miss out. Sometimes the publisher runs out of copies!

See the sleeveless Carsband in the illustrations below.

This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase from any of them, there is no extra charge to do so; but I get a tiny amount that helps me replace spools of thread from time to time. Thank you for reading!

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Itch to Stitch Love to Wear

The Petite Sewist23517673_10211422702264702_841915025638424852_n

23376216_10159455108660104_5890152091814170948_nWho doesn’t love a blog tour? And how exciting is it that this one is filled with so much love for Kennis and Itch-to-Stitch Designs! Just look at all the sponsors! The sewing community is amazing to gather together to help and support a favorite designer after being burglarized. It takes lots of sales to replace sewing machines and other work equipment; and we are doing our best to show off our favorite ITS patterns! And guess what else! There are giveaways too! Read on to see my newest outfit made with a new for me Itch-to-Stitch pattern and a hack of one I’ve made before.


Simply bu Ti is one of the sponsors of this blog tour, offering each blogger credit for fabric in her shop! How awesome is that? Thank you so much Ti! I had heard so many good things about the stretch twill, that I had to get some to try. I love this shade of pink, called Fushia in the shop here. It was a dream to work with. There was almost no fraying in the wash and it was easy to cut and sew.


A while back when Kennis asked for ideas for patterns, my suggestion was for casual capris made from cotton sheeting or other woven fabric. I wear this type of pants a lot and would love to have a pattern for them. Well, Kennis hasn’t made that pattern for me yet! 😆 Maybe capris, pedal pushers, or whatever you want to call them aren’t in style any more? Anyway, I’ve been meaning to try the Angelia Shorts without the drawstring at the bottom but decided to use the North Point Trousers this time for my Capri hack, making them not as casual as I wanted but looking so good with the mock welts. My original North Point details are here if you want to read more.

With my drastic grading from small waist to big hips, I opted to skip the pockets. Gasp! I know a lot of you can’t live without pockets; but really, when I’m wearing dressier pants like these, I don’t put anything in my pockets anyway. I fear unsightly bulges will ruin the look of my outfit! I pinned the pieces together to be able to cut the front piece without the pocket cutout. The back has welt pockets but I wanted mine to be mock welts without the pocket bags. Oh my, what a mess that was! I couldn’t find a good tutorial anywhere (hint, hint) so ended up picking out lots of stitches. Eventually I did end up with the beautiful mock welt pockets I was envisioning.

For the top, I made the Hepburn Turtleneck, a pattern I’ve had for a while but hadn’t sewn. Of course I wasn’t thinking when planning! No one would wear a turtleneck with capris! Me neither! I only wear them underneath other sweaters or tops in the winter while wearing long pants. This pattern was super simple to sew, perfect for beginners. I did shorten the height of the turtleneck by taking 1″ off the pattern. My next Hepburn will be slightly bigger since I don’t usually wear tops so tight. It will be warm this winter though, and I love that this top has a shape, not looking like my old boxy RTW turtlenecks! I kind of like it with Hvar Jacket over top. I wrote about my Hvars in this post.


The great news is that I wear a lot of bright colors so there are others tops in my closet that will match my new capris! This is a more realistic look for me. And This Lago Tank matches perfectly!


And I think they might even go with my Bonn Shirt, although I have plum colored fabric for pants that aren’t sewn yet.


I hope you will follow along on the Itch-to-Stitch Love blog tour to see so many more great patterns. I’ll be back in a couple of days with another outfit too. I couldn’t stop sewing!


Your ITS Love bloggers are

Monday: Sew Sophie Lynn, Merritts Makes, Sewing with Sarah, Sewing with D

Tuesday: Shalini’s Blog, Auschicksews, Rebel and Malice, Sewing Vortex

Wednesday: Replicate Then Deviate, mahlicadesigns, Sewing with D, The Petite Sewist, kreamino

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The ITS Love Tour sponsors have been so generous in support of Kennis of Itch to Stitch that we’ve been able to put together several prize packages to share with you.

First, you may enter our giveaway to win one of three prize packs:

Prize Pack #1 includes:

5 Itch to Stitch patterns

$25GC to Simply By Ti

$50 Raspberry Creek Gift Card

$50 Bella Sunshine gift card

Prize Pack #2 includes:

$50 Knit Pop GC

$25 Designer Stitch GC

$25 Chalk and Notch GC

3 patterns of choice from Coffee And Thread

Prize Pack #3 Includes:

$15 Thread & Grain store credit

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3 patterns from Halla Patterns


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Your second way to win is to share with us your recent Itch to Stitch creations (made between October and November 2017). Add your creations to our Link Up Party before Nov. 20th for a chance to win one of two prize packs.

LinkUp Prize Pack #1 includes:

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A $40 value PFRE Sly Fox Fabrics.

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LinkUp Prize Pack #2 includes:

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$25 Chalk and Notch GC

5 patterns from Rad Patterns

Pattern of choice from DG Patterns

Your Link

Giveaway and Linkup prize winners will be announced on or about November 21st.

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Me Made at Sea

Ever had to pack for a trip? Or a vacation? or a cruise? I struggle with what to put in the suitcase every time I have to pack a bag. What will the weather be like, what will be doing, and what will I feel like wearing? For a cruise, it’s even more difficult with dress codes and changing outfits a couple of times a day. This time I had plenty of me made clothes to include in my packing and I struggled with what favorites I wanted to take. I have so many and didn’t get to take or wear them all.

Settle yourself in with a cup of tea or coffee if you want to go on a virtual trip with me. It’s a long post, although a lot of it is pictures!

*Warning: picture overload!*

We started our trip with the 6 hour (7 in work traffic) drive to San Pedro, California. I didn’t get a picture, but Tierras Woven Joggers were perfect for comfort in the car!


The next day we boarded the ship, Ruby Princess. I’m wearing Hera from Wardrobe by Me. I made it in a linen or linen blend which is too stiff for what Christina intended the top to look like. I love it anyway and it looked cheerful to start our vacation!


For dinner, my North Point Trousers were very comfortable with the new Hvar Jacket. Read about it and see my other jacket on my post and on the Itch-to-Stitch blog and check out the tester photos. If you want to make one yourself, buy it while it’s on sale at 20% off here; no code necessary!



My latest Laundry Day Tee from Love Notions is what I wore for a day of activities on the ship, especially since I forgot to pack my white Salamanca Jacket. The picture is a bit blurry but is the only one we took.


Since I didn’t make my formal, I had to sneak in a picture of my handsome guys! I did take apart the sleeves on my husband’s shirt to shorten them and re-attached the cuffs.


This is the Bonn Shirt I wore in San Francisco. The weather forecast was 69 degrees. I quickly found out that 69 in California is vastly different from 69 in Arizona and I was overheated for much of the day, even with only 3/4 sleeves.


I finally put on my new Lisbon Cardigan toward evening when the sun went down and it was cooler. Melissa of Mahlica Designs and I decided to sew along a couple of patterns together as motivation to get them done; and it worked! Neither of us did the buttons or buttonholes, deciding to wait until later to decide if we wanted them. We are going to sew the Liana Jeans together soon. Watch for it if you want to join us!

Here is Georgia, coming soon from Bella Sunshine Designs. This is the first chance I’ve had to wear it and aren’t the colors perfect for fall? I loved wearing this wonderfully draping and delicious feeling fabric! It’s from LA Finch Fabrics when I won a box from Sewing Portfolios!


Another Lisbon Cardigan since it was chilly and overcast in Monterey. Can you tell I love this pattern?



Yes, I brought two Bonn Shirts, this one with long sleeves for the wine tasting event. (Another not so good selfie here, haha).


It was formal night, but since I opted to bring gowns I didn’t sew myself, I had to show off the long slip (made without a pattern since it’s basically a long rectangle). Unfortunately, I was in a rush and the waist elastic ended up too big. It sits low on my hips instead of at my waist, haha. Maybe I’ll fix it one of these days since it has gotten plenty of use since I made it over a year ago.


I did add the sparkly trim to my dress and made the necklace so here are a couple pictures of my husband and me having fun on formal night.


San Diego was next, where our only plan was to see our niece and nephew. We had a wonderful visit with Tyler but missed Tiana since she had to work. I made this Reagan Raglan during a sew along recently with Bella Sunshine Designs. Then I added the cute pineapple cut file which will be available soon from Pickle Toes Patterns.



Here is my Evergreen Jacket from Hey June, the only garment I made specifically for our trip. It happened at just the right time for the Sew Long Summer Blog Tour hosted by the lovely Melissa Evans. I wrote about it here Sew Long Summer, Oh Hey June! It goes well with my second pair of North Point Trousers. Clearly I need to sew myself some white blouses to wear with my jackets since I had to rely on RTW each time! I did bring my white Newport Top but the style and my fabric was a bit too casual.


These are all teens except for Mike, and Arun behind the counter. Clay is talking with his new German friends. The International Cafe was the only place open 24 hours and this was about 1 am! Clay didn’t really walk around wearing a dress shirt, swim trunks, and bare feet, haha, except in the wee hours when almost everyone else was asleep! He’s wearing the Men’s Swim Trunks from 5 out of 4 Patterns I made during the summer. The teens spent countless hours in the hot tubs so he wore both suits I made him on this trip.

Clay and me in Ensenada Mexico.


Mike and me in front of the other cruise ship in port. The wind and sun were going the wrong direction to get our Princess ship in the picture.

All three Lago Tanks were on this trip, but this is the only one I ended up wearing. This was our warmest day so the Shenanigans Skort from 5 Out of 4 Patterns won for comfort.


This is the shirt I had so much trouble with, McCall’s 3159. Nothing to do with the pattern, rather with the fitting. It’s probably from the 80s and I should have realized it was too loose a fit to be a well fitting dress shirt. After many alterations, it was so tight in the chest and arms that he couldn’t move. Luckily I was able to save it, but will use a different pattern next time.


One last stroll around the ship and a stop by the pool for one last picture. This is Designer Stitch’s newest pattern, Frida worn with a regular favorite, the Alyse Pants, also from Designer Stitch, hacked into shorts. I thought it would be fitting to wear Frida in Mexico since it would have made a better picture, but I wanted sleeveless for that warm day.

It was a sad day since our vacation was over; but I’m thankful we were able to go and enjoyed every minute!

Congratulations if you made it to the end of this long post; I appreciate you! What do you think; how did I do on the me made wardrobe?






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Trousers, not Pants

It’s hard to resist a testing call from Kennis at Itch-to-Stitch. So even though I was over committed, I let my sewing friends from Facebook talk me into applying to test the North Point Trousers. Kennis renamed them from North Point Pants when some of the English ladies mentioned that pants are underwear in some countries. And these trousers are absolutely of the dress up variety so not to be confused with underclothes! Trousers are one of the clothing items that most seamstresses avoid. After all, every body is different and trousers require lots and lots of fitting to get them just right. Luckily for me, Kennis designs for my body! Haha 😂, just kidding! But I am lucky that it doesn’t take a ton of adjustments for her patterns to fit me well.    I used red stretch bengaline for the muslin, making size 6 grading to size 0 for the waist. Only a few pattern pieces had to be graded, but oooopsie, my slanted front pockets ended up in the side seam. Kennis went in and changed some instructions so more pieces are included in the grading process. This is why we test after all! So I have no front pockets on my red pair. That’s ok, look how well they fit!

I’m wearing it with my Chai Shirt, also from Itch-to-Stitch. You can see more pictures of it in this blog post.


Navy stretch bengaline is what I used for the next pair. This is my favorite Lisbon Cardigan. I just love this fabric!

I really love these. It’s so wonderful to be able to make such well fitting trousers. If you haven’t tried it, this may just be the pattern for your first pair. Kennis has very in depth instructions, walking you through every step. She and the members of her Facebook group are also helpful if you have questions.

Here I have on my Jacqueline Hoodie. They look a bit more casual with the hoodie and my navy shoes.

And here they are with my Bonn Shirt. This is another favorite of mine!

Can you tell yet that I love Itch-to-Stitch patterns?

Here are some details of the trousers which come in sizes 00-20.

Classically sleek straight leg silhouette
Medium rise and curve through hip and thigh
Ankle length that can be lengthened or shortened
Contour waistband for a better fit
Streamlined front slanted pockets
Strong and durable back single-welt pockets
Fly front with zipper and double hook and bar closure
Use of stretch woven fabric for comfort
Layers feature (print only the sizes you need)

The pattern will be $12, but is on sale for $9.60 until September 12, 2017. Read more about North Point and see the flawless pair Kennis made here and see the other tester’s versions too.

Get your copy of the North Point Trousers here.