Sewing for Clay

Cicero is an Italian Racing Jacket for the Red, White, and Pink tour


My son had this old red and white nylon jacket that he loved (and I hated). I don’t know why, except maybe it had to do with how often he wore it and all the stains it acquired that I couldn’t get out in the wash! When I told him it was time to toss it, he asked if I would make him another. He told me it made him feel like an Italian race car driver, so it had to be the same red and white! Teen boys!😅


My plan was to use the sleeves of Rebel Raglan from Wardrobe by Me since Clay’s old jacket has Raglan style sleeves. The Cicero Jacket from Sofilantjes fits him so well, that I knew that was the choice for the rest of the jacket. After thinking about it for quite a while, I decided that it would be too much work to make a completely different style of sleeve fit into the Cicero. So the sleeves are different on the new jacket since I used just Cicero, but Clay didn’t mind. He saw an embroidered shirt with an Asian design that he loved when out with a friend that he told me about. We decided I would embroider one for him so he helped shop for the design. It is this Koi design from Urban Threads. He loves it on the jacket.


When I got ready to put in the zipper, I realized the one I bought was too short. It was late, the store was closed, what to do?? 🤔 Just then an idea came to me!💡Salvage the zipper from the old jacket which was the perfect length. Clay loves his new Italian race car driver jacket and wears it all the time. He just doesn’t like to model for me, especially out in public! Here is the original jacket minus a zipper.


My girlfriend loved the embroidery design when she saw Clay’s jacket, so I embroidered one for her on a denim jacket. It’s a closer view of the design too. Enjoy the rest of the Red, White, and Pink tour this month. Links are below.

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Sewing for Clay

Sew Thankful Sewing Tour


It’s the month to be thankful. Although I try to be grateful all year long, sometimes the icky parts of life get in the way and I forget for a bit. There are so many things in my little corner of the world to be thankful for, starting with my family, church family, and friends, and continuing on to our home, food, safety, sewing machines…well you get the idea, it’s a long list! For this blog tour, I’m going to concentrate on one small part of the big picture, our youngest son. He is our last child at home and I am truly thankful for him.


Clay has been the sweetest and calmest child since he was a baby. The best snuggler too! He has almost always avoided getting in trouble giving us so much peace of mind. He made goals for himself at a young age in Civil Air Patrol and Boy Scouts, and has worked very hard to accomplish them. The best part though…Clay is respectful, considerate,  compassionate, and loving! His grades have been top notch, even in honors and AP classes in high school. Clay used to believe I could make anything! I may have convinced him otherwise by now (he’s 16, after all), but he still wears some mama made clothing. And that makes me very excited!


Usually, when a pattern test comes up for men, I decide if it is something my husband or son will wear. This time, I wasn’t sure either one of them would wear the FarFar Cardigan designed by Christina of Wardrobe by Me. I remember my dad wearing sweaters like this; and would have made one for him if he didn’t live 2000 miles away! I love the style and wanted to test it badly enough that I signed up without asking; then showed Clay the line drawings and Pinterest board Christina had created. That was very helpful in convincing my teen that a young man could definitely wear this style. There is also a shawl collar option but Clay chose this traditional style. He approved the fabric and helped choose buttons and ribbing which is important if I want him to wear what I make.


The pattern covers sizes 2XS – 3XL so all of your guys should fit! The features are

  • Long sleeve with cuff
  • Placket with 6 buttons
  • Patch pockets
  • Shawl collar
  • Simple placket

Oh, and it’s on sale until Nov 17 if you want to get started on Christmas gifts!

Clay really likes the cardigan, yay! He will wear it when the weather cools. I am so thankful I can still sew for him!


Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Enter the giveaway below for a chance to win!

Week 2: 11/8-11/14

Giveaway: Simply by Ti $20 shop credit

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Our Thankful Sewing Bloggers are creating something special to share with you to celebrate this month of Thanksgivings! As an extra special surprise, we also have a couple giveaways during each week of the tour. Share your thanks with Petite Stitchery who has a new pattern to share with us, a free pattern giveaway from Sew by Pattern Pieces, and a chance to win a shop credit each week from Simply by Ti!

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Me Made at Sea

Ever had to pack for a trip? Or a vacation? or a cruise? I struggle with what to put in the suitcase every time I have to pack a bag. What will the weather be like, what will be doing, and what will I feel like wearing? For a cruise, it’s even more difficult with dress codes and changing outfits a couple of times a day. This time I had plenty of me made clothes to include in my packing and I struggled with what favorites I wanted to take. I have so many and didn’t get to take or wear them all.

Settle yourself in with a cup of tea or coffee if you want to go on a virtual trip with me. It’s a long post, although a lot of it is pictures!

*Warning: picture overload!*

We started our trip with the 6 hour (7 in work traffic) drive to San Pedro, California. I didn’t get a picture, but Tierras Woven Joggers were perfect for comfort in the car!


The next day we boarded the ship, Ruby Princess. I’m wearing Hera from Wardrobe by Me. I made it in a linen or linen blend which is too stiff for what Christina intended the top to look like. I love it anyway and it looked cheerful to start our vacation!


For dinner, my North Point Trousers were very comfortable with the new Hvar Jacket. Read about it and see my other jacket on my post and on the Itch-to-Stitch blog and check out the tester photos. If you want to make one yourself, buy it while it’s on sale at 20% off here; no code necessary!



My latest Laundry Day Tee from Love Notions is what I wore for a day of activities on the ship, especially since I forgot to pack my white Salamanca Jacket. The picture is a bit blurry but is the only one we took.


Since I didn’t make my formal, I had to sneak in a picture of my handsome guys! I did take apart the sleeves on my husband’s shirt to shorten them and re-attached the cuffs.


This is the Bonn Shirt I wore in San Francisco. The weather forecast was 69 degrees. I quickly found out that 69 in California is vastly different from 69 in Arizona and I was overheated for much of the day, even with only 3/4 sleeves.


I finally put on my new Lisbon Cardigan toward evening when the sun went down and it was cooler. Melissa of Mahlica Designs and I decided to sew along a couple of patterns together as motivation to get them done; and it worked! Neither of us did the buttons or buttonholes, deciding to wait until later to decide if we wanted them. We are going to sew the Liana Jeans together soon. Watch for it if you want to join us!

Here is Georgia, coming soon from Bella Sunshine Designs. This is the first chance I’ve had to wear it and aren’t the colors perfect for fall? I loved wearing this wonderfully draping and delicious feeling fabric! It’s from LA Finch Fabrics when I won a box from Sewing Portfolios!


Another Lisbon Cardigan since it was chilly and overcast in Monterey. Can you tell I love this pattern?



Yes, I brought two Bonn Shirts, this one with long sleeves for the wine tasting event. (Another not so good selfie here, haha).


It was formal night, but since I opted to bring gowns I didn’t sew myself, I had to show off the long slip (made without a pattern since it’s basically a long rectangle). Unfortunately, I was in a rush and the waist elastic ended up too big. It sits low on my hips instead of at my waist, haha. Maybe I’ll fix it one of these days since it has gotten plenty of use since I made it over a year ago.


I did add the sparkly trim to my dress and made the necklace so here are a couple pictures of my husband and me having fun on formal night.


San Diego was next, where our only plan was to see our niece and nephew. We had a wonderful visit with Tyler but missed Tiana since she had to work. I made this Reagan Raglan during a sew along recently with Bella Sunshine Designs. Then I added the cute pineapple cut file which will be available soon from Pickle Toes Patterns.



Here is my Evergreen Jacket from Hey June, the only garment I made specifically for our trip. It happened at just the right time for the Sew Long Summer Blog Tour hosted by the lovely Melissa Evans. I wrote about it here Sew Long Summer, Oh Hey June! It goes well with my second pair of North Point Trousers. Clearly I need to sew myself some white blouses to wear with my jackets since I had to rely on RTW each time! I did bring my white Newport Top but the style and my fabric was a bit too casual.


These are all teens except for Mike, and Arun behind the counter. Clay is talking with his new German friends. The International Cafe was the only place open 24 hours and this was about 1 am! Clay didn’t really walk around wearing a dress shirt, swim trunks, and bare feet, haha, except in the wee hours when almost everyone else was asleep! He’s wearing the Men’s Swim Trunks from 5 out of 4 Patterns I made during the summer. The teens spent countless hours in the hot tubs so he wore both suits I made him on this trip.

Clay and me in Ensenada Mexico.


Mike and me in front of the other cruise ship in port. The wind and sun were going the wrong direction to get our Princess ship in the picture.

All three Lago Tanks were on this trip, but this is the only one I ended up wearing. This was our warmest day so the Shenanigans Skort from 5 Out of 4 Patterns won for comfort.


This is the shirt I had so much trouble with, McCall’s 3159. Nothing to do with the pattern, rather with the fitting. It’s probably from the 80s and I should have realized it was too loose a fit to be a well fitting dress shirt. After many alterations, it was so tight in the chest and arms that he couldn’t move. Luckily I was able to save it, but will use a different pattern next time.


One last stroll around the ship and a stop by the pool for one last picture. This is Designer Stitch’s newest pattern, Frida worn with a regular favorite, the Alyse Pants, also from Designer Stitch, hacked into shorts. I thought it would be fitting to wear Frida in Mexico since it would have made a better picture, but I wanted sleeveless for that warm day.

It was a sad day since our vacation was over; but I’m thankful we were able to go and enjoyed every minute!

Congratulations if you made it to the end of this long post; I appreciate you! What do you think; how did I do on the me made wardrobe?