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Crystal Cove is a Cami

Doesn’t Crystal Cove sound like a beautiful place? Warm breezes, water sparkling in the sun, sand between your toes, and wearing the perfect Crystal Cove Cami!

There’s only dry hot desert around here, but I have three Crystal Cove Camis to wear and dream! Camis are not usually something I wear on their own. Usually they are made of knit, with a tighter fit. This cami is made of woven fabric and has a beautiful loose fit, but not so loose that I don’t have a shape. It’s just right! I ended up making three in testing! I kept seeing other tester versions and wanting one similar, haha!

#1 is made from a remnant from the 80s when mauve was a popular color. It turned out like pretty lingerie, or fancy enough to wear with a skirt on date night. This pair of Capris are not the best to pair it with, but my photographer son was impatient.

#2 is a poly/cotton, very lightweight and floaty also from the 80s. It was hard to cut into yardage when this pattern fits on 7/8 yd so I did lots of digging to find some pieces to use! I’ve been wanting more tops to match my pink Sequoia shorts that I wrote about here – Sequoia Cargo Shorts.  I love my new cami with them! It’s a cool outfit for summer.

#3 was a men’s shirt that apparently I told my son I could alter to fit him. It was in with the fabric and I forgot! Oops! There wasn’t enough on the buttonholes side, so I did the color block thing (after seeing another tester do it). I really like it too, although I think it will look better with a different color pants.

Crystal Cove Cami comes with different cup sizes to get the perfect fit. What?! Isn’t this awesome?! I picked my size (shortened the bodice like I usually do) and it was the perfect fit! Sizes go from 00-20 and the instructions are as thorough as usual, making it easy enough for beginners. Here are some features:

  • Options for A, B, C, D and DD cups
  • Relaxed fit bodice
  • Spaghetti straps
  • Overlapping back with curved hem for a unique look

It’s on sale for $8 for the next week, so hurry and get your copy! Volume discounts still apply. I can’t wait to see all the camis out there!

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