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Summerskirt and Classic Tee

It’s finally feeling like summertime around here! Our son is out of school for the summer and Christina of Wardrobe by Me had a tester call for the Summerskirt! Then she added the Classic Tee to go with it. Perfect! I love testing an outfit together as it doesn’t leave orphans in my closet! I always know that I will have at least one top to wear with my skirt!


The fabric for the tee and the skirt are from my stash. In fact, you may recognize the skirt fabric. I used it for a A Blouse Called Leschi. My best guess is that it’s probably a polyester Crepe de Chine. Very lightweight and floaty. Even when the wind was whipping my skirt around, everything was covered! For the tee, I used a basic jersey that I bought to make underwear for my dear husband who loves undies made by me. Shhh, don’t tell him I used some of his fabric!

Summerskirt passed the wind test!

Both the skirt and the tee comes in sizes 0-24. Here is a description of Summerskirt.

“The Summer skirt is a simple wrap skirt PDF sewing pattern with ruffle edges. The front waistband is contoured and the back elasticized. The fit and look of the skirt is flirtatious,bohemian and romantic.
The skirt is designed with three length options. Above knee, at the knee and midi.”

I made the above knee length, figuring it would be just about right since I usually have to shorten everything for my height. I cheated on the ruffle, 😁 cutting it on the salvage edge so I wouldn’t have to hem it! I was very comfortable in my new Wardrobe by Me outfit and ready to go out to dinner when my husband decided to take me on a date. I didn’t even have to change clothes!

Get your copies of Summerskirt and Classic Tee while they are on sale at Wardrobe by Me!

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