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Danube Jean Skirt

I love jean skirts and have had many over the years. They are easy to wear, match everything (if denim), and comfortable. But if we were out shopping, you would have had to twist my arm to try on this style of skirt. A-line is usually the style I go for these days. I applied to test because I can’t resist a testing call from Kennis and it had been a while since my last one. But wow, the Danube Skirt really surprised me. I wore it to church last Sunday and it was so comfortable that I wore it all day! And it really does look great on every body. Check out the tester photos to see all the lovely skirts.

It’s always fun to do pocket designs and to see what everyone else sews on theirs. I love how mine turned out!

There is plenty of topstitching just like on jeans, and rivets too, making the Danube Skirt look very professional. There is something very satisfying about topstitching a garment. Try it and you’ll see what I mean.

Danube Skirt comes in sizes 00-20

Danube Jean Skirt Features:

Slim fit straight skirt
Side slits for walking ease and style
Straight waistband that sits at natural waist
Classic five pockets and fly-front zipper
Back yokes for back shaping
Optional rivets for reinforcement and as decoration
Optional belt loops

On sale now for $8.00, and the volume discounts still apply so check out the other wonderful patterns while you are there!

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