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Love Yourself

What a beautiful name for underclothes! Yes, that’s the name of the new pattern from Christina of Wardrobe by Me. I was a tester for the Love Yourself Underwear and had a great time in the testing group. Everyone was so eager to sew many versions of panties and hipsters to get their own perfect personal fit. They are quick so sew and use up scraps of fabric not big enough for other clothing!


Here’s Lacy, helping me with modeling. I found myself making more panties than I thought I would, just because I was intrigued by the fact I don’t have to use leg elastic and wanted to try different kinds of fabric. I love panties without the leg elastic so that alone had me sold on these! There is a high rise and a low rise to choose from. You can see here that I tried both. The blue stripes and yellow are cotton spandex and the solid blue are rayon spandex.


The Carma Cami is another easy item to sew and can be worn under tops during the day or made to match your panties for a special night time set. I think I need a couple to wear as undershirts next to my skin to stay warm with baggier tops.


This set is from nylon with stretch lace elastic but you can also use lingerie or fold over elastic or even bands.


The Love Yourself Panties come in sizes US 0-24 & EU 30-54. The underwear patterns are on sale until February 16, 2018.

With code Love 20 get 20% off two underwear patterns.
With code Love 30 get 30% off three underwear patterns.

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