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Finally Frida

In the pattern testing world, there was high anticipation for this pattern that Ann Grose of Designer Stitch was teasing us with. It was the Frida. She’s good at getting us all riled up in anticipation of the next pattern! Ann posted lots of inspiration photos to help us shop for fabric. Of course, I couldn’t find any of the awesome fabrics that RTW has access to. It took weeks of searching to even find this black border eyelet that I settled on. The bright floral I paired it with is almost 20 years old! I originally used it to make the bodice and an apron to go with the traditional Dutch outfit in the style they wore in Volendam. My toddler daughter was a daffodil in a flower pot for Halloween and I was the Dutch girl watering her. Sure wish I could find the picture to show all of you; but that was before digital photography so it would be a daunting task!


I wasn’t sure what to wear my Frida top with and was having a rough week, so I threw on some shorts and sandals. These are the shorts version of the Alyse Slim Pants  that I love! Next time I wear my Frida top, it will be with jeans or skinny black pants and ropers. The Frida can be made to be a top, tunic, or dress and has four sleeve options. It’s fun to look at the line drawings to design your own Frida!


The tester photos are awesome and really blew me away when I saw some of them! The pattern is on sale for $8.50, regularly $12.00 until 11 October. No code needed.

Of course after the test was done, I found this perfect fabric (a table cloth I think) for Frida at a thrift store.


It will be a Frida dress or tunic but I don’t get to sew it until after mid October. Until next time…Happy Fall!

5 thoughts on “Finally Frida

  1. What a lovely version the Frida. The contrast of the floral yoke with the black works perfect and there’s also a match with the lace border of the sleeves and the added red one at the bottom of the yoke. Being Dutch: If you ever find the photo of you wearing the traditional Dutch outfit in the style they wore in Volendam and your toddler daughter as a daffodil in a flower pot I would like to see it. Looking forward to your dress version.

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