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Trousers, not Pants

It’s hard to resist a testing call from Kennis at Itch-to-Stitch. So even though I was over committed, I let my sewing friends from Facebook talk me into applying to test the North Point Trousers. Kennis renamed them from North Point Pants when some of the English ladies mentioned that pants are underwear in some countries. And these trousers are absolutely of the dress up variety so not to be confused with underclothes! Trousers are one of the clothing items that most seamstresses avoid. After all, every body is different and trousers require lots and lots of fitting to get them just right. Luckily for me, Kennis designs for my body! Haha 😂, just kidding! But I am lucky that it doesn’t take a ton of adjustments for her patterns to fit me well.    I used red stretch bengaline for the muslin, making size 6 grading to size 0 for the waist. Only a few pattern pieces had to be graded, but oooopsie, my slanted front pockets ended up in the side seam. Kennis went in and changed some instructions so more pieces are included in the grading process. This is why we test after all! So I have no front pockets on my red pair. That’s ok, look how well they fit!

I’m wearing it with my Chai Shirt, also from Itch-to-Stitch. You can see more pictures of it in this blog post.


Navy stretch bengaline is what I used for the next pair. This is my favorite Lisbon Cardigan. I just love this fabric!

I really love these. It’s so wonderful to be able to make such well fitting trousers. If you haven’t tried it, this may just be the pattern for your first pair. Kennis has very in depth instructions, walking you through every step. She and the members of her Facebook group are also helpful if you have questions.

Here I have on my Jacqueline Hoodie. They look a bit more casual with the hoodie and my navy shoes.

And here they are with my Bonn Shirt. This is another favorite of mine!

Can you tell yet that I love Itch-to-Stitch patterns?

Here are some details of the trousers which come in sizes 00-20.

Classically sleek straight leg silhouette
Medium rise and curve through hip and thigh
Ankle length that can be lengthened or shortened
Contour waistband for a better fit
Streamlined front slanted pockets
Strong and durable back single-welt pockets
Fly front with zipper and double hook and bar closure
Use of stretch woven fabric for comfort
Layers feature (print only the sizes you need)

The pattern will be $12, but is on sale for $9.60 until September 12, 2017. Read more about North Point and see the flawless pair Kennis made here and see the other tester’s versions too.

Get your copy of the North Point Trousers here.

10 thoughts on “Trousers, not Pants

  1. These are beautiful! I’m cutting out the Bonn tomorrow night, I’ve been a fan of ITS for a long time but I haven’t made any yet!
    May I ask, where do you get your Stretch Bengaline?


  2. Both versions of the North Point Trousers are looking beautiful. The read one is a great example of a more casual looking version and the blue one is so classy and chic. You’ve made awesome combinations with some other Itch-to-Stitch patterns as well.


  3. Hello, you did an amazing job on fitting your pants. I think I read somewhere (maybe PatternReview) that you had to do adjustments to pants since you have a small waist and larger hips. Can you tell me if you needed to do any alterations to the pattern to get them to fit so well. I, too, would be a size 6 at hips and 0 at waist. Most pants I sew are baggy at the back thigh area.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I printed my waist and hip sizes and graded between the two. I also do a full butt adjustment and take the side seams in at certain spots to fit my square hips. You may not have the same though, haha! Good luck with your trousers!


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