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You will love this Chai!

Whenever Kennis from Itch-to-Stitch posts a testing call, I jump at the chance to apply! I love almost all of her designs and started testing for her when she designed Marbella, the first pattern in her shop. Here is mine from testing…IMG_3847

Anyway, even though Kennis designs for 5′ 6″ women, we are of similar shape and size. That’s a bonus for me because when Kennis looks great in the clothes she designs, then I have a good chance of looking good in them too! But I’m getting off topic, oops!

We are here for the new Chai Shirt and Dress!Ā  This pattern looks amazing on every height and body type that I’ve seen in the test group. It’s like magic or something! Wait until you see all of them and see what you think.

A lot of you know that I have a huge fabric stash that I’ve been trying to sew through. Well, this pattern had me stumped when it came to what to choose. With such a close fit, a muslin was required to check fit. And well, I’m not a good muslin maker, haha! I usually sew a wearable muslin (which is just using regular fabric that I don’t care about if it gets messed up). I picked the white with little fruits for it, and look how cute it came out! I did some of my usual alterations to the pattern – shortened the bodice 1 1/8″ for my 5′ 2″ height and graded the hips two sizes bigger.



And look, it goes with my Tierras Woven Joggers…



You can find them here:

For my final version, I changed the alterations a bit, taking out only 3/4″ from the bodice and grading only one size up for the hips. I wanted this shirt to look more sophisticated than my fruity one, and again was uncertain when it came to choosing fabric. I had some 1 yard pieces that I loved for it, but they weren’t enough and a few 3 or 4 yard pieces that I didn’t want to use for a shirt when I might need it for something bigger. With help from the other testers, I chose this fabulous royal blue with tiny aqua dots. It wasn’t quite enough for my shirt, but I squeezed it on the fabric, only having to cut the collar stand and the inner waistband pieces from a coordinating solid. Oh, and I had to make it sleeveless; which is Ok since I love this look too!



Even the back of this shirt looks awesome…


Oh, and the hair, it is a retro style after all, so I thought I should style me some 50s hair, lol! One more picture, then go check out all the rest!


Look at all the pretty Chai Shirts and Dresses here:


12 thoughts on “You will love this Chai!

  1. Such cute shirts, Diane – really like the contrast collar stand! And….. your blog was very good – lots of information and very interesting to read! You sell yourself short in the writing department!! Love the retro hair, too! Fun pictures!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, thank you! A lot of days I’m not put together until around noon (I don’t like mornings)! In the summer, I swim laps for exercise so I do that before showering. I do like to look nice for my dh though! I don’t quite have this blog thing down yet, but I suppose it’ll get there in time.


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