Thank you Ann…I think

Ann Grose of DesignerStitch.com is the reason I have a blog finally. She can be very persistent. In a good way, of course! Ann is also a lot of fun, has some really good ideas, and I suspect would be the biggest troublemaker in a group of sewing girlfriends! Spending more time/work on the computer each day/week won’t be good for my housekeeping, so we’ll see how this blog thing goes!

I first “met” Ann way back in January of 2015 (I think) when she first showed up on the Facebook scene. She put out a testing call for Kat Top in one of the Facebook groups. I applied and was accepted. Since my parents were here visiting for a couple of months, I decided to make the top for my mom. My mom is not comfortable in front of the camera, but I did a lot of coaching and took a lot of pictures. I just love it that my mom from rural Michigan is a model in Ann’s pattern shop, all the way over in Australia! http://designerstitch.com/shop/kat-top/#iLightbox%5Bproduct-gallery%5D/4



Since that first Kat Top, Ann has designed dozens of beautiful garment patterns. I tested a few of them that I will show another day. In the mean time, go check out DesignerStitch.com to see all the lovelies you can make for yourself or your mom! 

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